You can’t change someones mind on facebook

If you have been on social media for a while, you may well have gotten tangled up in one of those never ending debates that revolve around religion, gender, politics or the likes. Tell me, did you get anywhere in these “conversations”? I have had my fair share and let me tell you: You can’t change someones mind through direct confrontation on facebook.*

Why not? I think that there are two primary reasons:

(1) Pride, yours and theirs. Nobody wants their strongly held beliefs, opinions and worldview put down on a global stage where friends, family, collegues and aquaintences are watching. I dont want to look like a fool and relinquish my deeply rooted convictions in front of the world, and neither do you.

(2) It’s not personal. Have you ever heard stories of a boy asking a girl out via text message? (Please don’t do that). If she was like any self respecting woman, he’d have lost any hope of a relationship. See, when it comes down to the things that really matter in life, we humans require a personal touch.

That being said, social media remains a powerful tool for influence. You may not get anywhere in an argument, but what you share (good or bad), is bound to influence the thinking of those who are paying attention. And perhaps therin lies the key to bringing about change. If we put asside pride and the desire to be “right” and shift our focus from changing minds to influencing minds. A difference can be made.

Have you ever felt like you were hitting a brick wall whilst trying to get someone to see something from your perspective? Share your story or insights in the comments bellow.

*Credit to my brother who inspired this post

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