The 5 Second Rule

My wife and I have a thing we say to each other when we can’t find something, like the car keys or phone or tv remote: “Five second rule, sweetheart”. We do this because somewhere down the line, we realised that if you just stop to think and look a little longer, you will find what you are looking for.

A typical conversation along these lines looks something like this:

  • Me: “Steff! Where’s my belt?? Did the maid put it somewhere I can’t find it again!?”
  • Steff: (from another room, without helping me look) “Five second rule, sweetheart”
  • Me: *Submits to the instruction reluctantly, looks down and see I’m already wearing it.

It’s a pretty simple thing to do, and I cant tell you how many times it has actually worked. Like, just today, I managed to find the ground coffee beans whilst still in my groggy morning stupor.

Since then I’ve found the 5 second rule to be a pretty useful tool for many other things we do: From making a decision to sending an important email or replying to a nasty comment of Facebook.

Have you also seen the benefits of the 5 second rule? Leave a comment.

Categories: Lifehacks

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