Persistence goes a long way (pun intended) 

Fixing a computer issue, solving a math problem, answering a tricky question or dealing with a complication at work: getting pretty much anything done more complicated than brushing your teeth, requires a fair amount of persistence. The harder the problem and the less your experience, the more persistence you will need to solve it. 

Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential – Winston Churchill

With some things in life, persistence may come naturaly to you, like when you were persuing the girl of your dreams. At other times, we just dont feel that we have what it takes, especialy if the task is monotonous and rewards unclear. The thing is, you can figure it out, the issue is not with my abilities, but with my willingness to push through.

Now, there are other things at play, like the time you have available to solve an issue, your personal investment in the issue, the level of willpower you have at your disposal and the urgency of the matter – just to name a few that come to mind. But no matter the amount of mental or material resources you have at your disposal, if you don’t persist, you won’t succeed.

Persistence is something which will be tested everyday in your life. Just getting this short blog post published took a concious effort of persistence to write. Although small, I feel that every mental efort that I exert on even the smallest of tasks, build up my “muscles of perseverence” and prepare me for those truly demanding challenges.

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  1. Did I comment on this post at the time Jonathan? It’s very inspiring and so true. Any New blog posts to look out for?


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