Adversity is the best educator

“Adversity is the best educator” – Bear Gryls

We don’t like adversity. It’s uncomfortable at best and heart shattering at worst, but it comes our way whether we like it or not.

The times that I have really learnt something, was when somone challenges my thinking directly or when curcumstances shatter the stutus quo. Regardless of who is right or wrong, I’m pushed into a corner and forced to figure out what it is I actualy think, or feel, or know.

adversityWhen adversity comes, I see an opponent, be it a person or circumstance and overcoming that opponent forces me to refine my own thoughts, attitude and behavior. I have to dig deeper, think harder, sweat more – or fail.  It’s often a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” kind of situation, i.e. get stronger or die (figuratively speaking!).

What am I saying here? Adversity is good for you. An opponent, whilst often associated with an enemy who means you harm, can in fact be your close friend – the person or situation which defines and refines you.

It is this strain of life that we all face, which keeps us strong. A lack of strain is probably a good indicator that we’ve become dead weights, going wherever the stream of life takes us.

“The strain of life is what builds our strenght. If there is no strain, there will be no strenght” – Oswald Chambers

Do you agree that adversity is the best educator? Leave a comment.

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