Getting over excited can be detrimental to your goals

over excited

Did you ever get overly excited about something, only to be met with indifference? Well, you might be doing yourself some harm there.

Getting over excited is a good way to get noticed, but not such a great way to be taken seriously

When I get too excited about something; logic seems to go out the window, careful planning walks out the door and thoughtfulness flies away. People notice this, and often rightly assume that it is just a passing furor. But what if it’s not? What if you are really onto something there? Then do yourself a favour and follow these emergency procedures:

Stop, think and then act: the procedures prescribed to scuba divers when dealing with an emergency.  

Stop: Take a step back and consider what’s happening.

Think: Where am I? What am I doing? what should I do?

Act: Decide on a course of action. Execute.

You might be wondering why you should apply “emergency procedures” to over excitement. It’s simple, in an emergency we tend to panic, not think clearly and rush into decisions without thinking them through. In other words, the way we react in an emergency and the way we behave when we are excited, are the same.

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  1. I agree, and because I was so excited I thought I might not be taken seriously if I reply too fast… So I decided to stop, think and then act 🙂
    In my experience, when I respond in the moment, I’ve not had the chance to ‘filter’ my feelings and balance them with a little common sense. I think we need to approach life like we do a piece of writing, that needs to be written with flow and passion, then scrutinised and edited until it is finally ready for publication. If we discipline ourselves to follow that process, will find that the end product of our initially excited or passionate response could be tempered by taking a step back and looking at things rationally, thereby leading to a more positive and sustainable outcome. Having said that, I do believe there is place for developing our instincts to respond quickly, yet with thought. For example, there are times that, when faced with an emergency, people ‘think out of the box’, like was the case when there was a bush fire at a lodge in South Africa a few years ago. It had just started up, so would be easy to control if it could be stopped quickly. In the urgency of the situation, everybody ran inside to get water from the taps, straight past the jacuzzi pool. One person stopped at the pool, grabbed a toy container and ran back to start putting the fire out. Once everyone saw the logic in that, they started doing the same. Such quick thinking should be instinctive and, in order to be effective, one needs to train one’s mind to think clearly fast! I think if we develop a ‘protocol’ for handling our over-excitement we could train our minds to respond in more positive ways. So, I agree – slow down and think, then execute!! But beware that the slowing down and applying of logic doesn’t dampen one’s passion and energy that is essential to accomplishing the goal.


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