How to live a mediocre life


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Surely we all aspire to the conformity of a mediocre life. Here are some unexceptional tips on how to achieve the passable, to live the uninspired and to reach the conventional:

  1. Only do what you can never fail at
  2. Only give what you can afford
  3. Love only when first loved
  4. Make sacrifices only when there are guaranteed benefits to yourself
  5. Always look out for number one
  6. Take risks, but only at the expense of others.
  7. Only spend time with people who are like you
  8. Never admit your mistakes
  9. Stay in your comfort zone
  10. Be critical of everything and everyone
  11. Ignore intuition
  12. Only accept advice you like
  13. Be superstitious

C’mon guys, I know if We work together we can achieve the possible.

The impossible? The inspired? The exceptional? That’s not for us.

Is it?

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  1. what mediocre life, this is how to be an absolute loser!

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