VPN is the new antivirus, you need it.

securing your online identity files comunication and home

Secure your online identity, files, communication and home!

Remember the days when when getting antivirus software was a really big deal, now we just take it for granted. Well there’s a new kid on the block (actually he’s been around for a while but he’s not as popular yet). VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks are tools you can use to protect your online presence.

Just google “VPN” and you will find thousands of articles on VPN’s and the plethora of choices in software we have. My aim here is just to make you aware of the issue and nudge you on the way to internet privacy and security.

What you need to know about the internet:

You are constantly being tracked. Gone are the days of only spies and criminals being tracked and traced. Nowadays search engines, social networking sites and governments collect data on you no matter who you are. It’s big business and exactly how companies like google and Facebook make their money!

What a VPN does:

It gives you back your privacy: Do we need curtains on our windows? Locks on our doors? Well, technically you could do without it, but why! If you want the technical details, just google it, suffice it to say a VPN closes the curtains on your online presence. It does not mean becoming impervious to the law, but does mean closing the peephole of your life to every passerby.

Steps to take:

  1. Read a bit more on the topic if you need to
  2. Download and install VPN software on your devices. ExpressVPN and Vyper VPN would be good choices, but there are plenty more.
  3. Remember, a VPN is not impervious to human folly, it won’t stop you from sharing information online that you shouldn’t. Be vigilant.

If this post was helpful at all, let me know by rating it, sharing it or leaving a comment.

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  1. This is a very important topic. Thanks for highlighting and simplifying it. Looking forward to your next installment.

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